Install Acronis on a cPanel Server


Installing Acronis Backups on a cPanel server is easy to do. Install the Plugin

To install the Acronis Backup plugin for WHM and cPanel, run the following command:


This command runs the installation script.

Install the Backup Agent

1. Log in to WHM UI.
2. Click Plugins > Acronis Backup.
3. Specify the credentials of the account to which the machine should be assigned. These were sent to you in your welcome email when you signed up for the Acronis Backup plan from Versaweb.
4. (Optional) To encrypt your backups, enable the Encryption switch and specify the corresponding settings in the wizard. Be aware that there is no way to recover encrypted backups if you lose or forget the password. After a backup plan is created and applied, the encryption settings cannot be modified. To use different encryption settings, create a new backup plan in the Acronis backup console.
5. Follow the installation wizard. During the installation, the software checks if the ports required for communication with the cloud are open. If some of the ports are closed, the software shows the numbers of these ports and the hostnames for which a port should be open. Open the ports, close the wizard and restart the installation. 

Completing the installation may take several minutes. You can leave the page during this process.

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